He engaged in circus arts when he was 12 in amateur troupe of Novocherkassk. His juggling teacher was Nikolay Pavlovich Gerasimov who has prepared such outstanding jugglers as Nikolay and Yuliya Gerasimovsthey tour successfully in many countries.

In 1993-1994 had studied in circus centre in Rostov and had graduated with an act "Pair jugglers" in the "Russian Circus" company. It has received a diploma at the 1st Russian competition of circus acts in Yaroslavl. In 2002-2002 he studied again under a supervision of a famous director Vladlen Ivanovich Levshin, where has prepared new act "Superjuggler".

For this act unique tricks involving balance in air and juggling were prepared.
Since 2006 he is the artist of the Big Moscow circus on Vernadsky prospect.
With act "Superjuggler" had successfully toured cities in Russia, Ukraine, Azerbaijan and Japan.

With support of the Big Moscow circus in 2009 has been created new statement of act "Space juggler" . Tours with this act were in Japan

In 2010 in a cooperation with a famous ballet master and director Zhanna Nikolaevna Orekhova new version of "Air romantic" was prepared.

Premiere took place in February 2010 at Izhevsk circus. With a new version of this act he was invited to tour in Baltic towns.

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